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    Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Archives

    PLEASE NOTE:  The archives is transitioning to a new collection database which will allow us to better serve researchers.  We appreciate your patience during this transition.  Historical research requests may still be submitted, but they may require 3 – 6 months to answer.

    Membership/genealogical questions about Knights of Columbus membership after 1970 should be directed to Membership Records.  Please be sure to provide the members full name, life dates, and place of residences.  Membership/genealogical questions before 1970 cannot be answered at this time.



    The Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Archives preserves the history of the Knights of Columbus with a focus on the work of the Supreme Council. The records of the supreme knights and other officers, the proceedings of the Supreme Council and the organization's official publications form the core of the collection.

    Topics included in the archives include anti-Catholicism such as the Mexican Persecution and the Bogus Oath, the Historical Commission, the Roman Playgrounds, the Oregon School Case, Columbian Squires, World War I, Reconstruction, World War II, and the James Cardinal Gibbons Memorial Statue.  Material relating to the founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, and St. Mary’s Church are also collected.  The archives contains limited material relating to state and local councils. 

    The Columbus Library includes more than 400 volumes about Christopher Columbus and related topics such as the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 and the 1992 Quincentennial.

    Access to the Archives is available by appointment and with the permission of the archivist. Some materials are restricted. Contact the archivist for more information.