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  • Fashioned for the 21st Century: A Headquarters for the Knights of Columbus
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    Fashioned for the 21st Century: A Headquarters for the Knights of Columbus

    Knights of Columbus building. 1 Columbus Plaza. Supreme Council headquarters. Home Office. No matter what you call the current K of C building, it is a notable part of today’s New Haven skyline. Since its first organizational meeting in the basement of St. Mary’s Church, the Order has called New Haven home. Over the past 137 years, the Knights have occupied seven different buildings within a sixth-tenths of a mile radius [See map for their locations.] With each significant milestone for the K of C, the growth of membership and insurance drove the need to change location. 

    On the following pages, you can explore the different headquarters of the Knights of Columbus. The current headquarters with its modernist architectural style, just two blocks from the Blessed Michael McGivney Pilgrimage Center, has dominated the New Haven skyline for 50 years. Designed by architect Kevin Roche, who passed away March 1, 2019, this timeless building stands as an homage to this award-winning architect’s six-decade long career.

    The curators of this exhibit would like to extend a special thank you to Linda Scinto of Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates, LLC, and Paul E. Bello, P.E., Director of Facilities at the Knights of Columbus, for their support and assistance with this exhibition. 

    To accompany the exhibit, the Blessed Michael McGivney Pilgrimage Center has offered the following webinars, which are available for on-demand viewing:

    Gateway to the Future: The Knights of Columbus Headquarters Building

    Building to Grow: Early Knights of Columbus Headquarters Sites

    To learn more about the Supreme Headquarters and modernist architecture, check out this bibliography. For fun facts about the headquarters, check out this handout from the exhibit.

    Headquarters Building 1
    Headquarters Building 2
    Headquarters Building 3
    Headquarters Building 4
    Headquarters Building 5
    Headquarters Building 6
    Headquarters Building 7