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    The Knights of Columbus Supreme Office Building…A Structure to Look Up to and Ahead With,

    Brochure, paper and ink, 1969
    Collection 16, Supreme Office Buildings, Folder KC-1-10-036

    The Knights of Columbus headquarters provides a distinct facade and is the first building of prominence at the entrance to New Haven from interstate highways. This archival brochure was created to celebrate the 1969 opening of the building at 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, Connecticut. The cover features an artist’s rendering of the structure. The interior describes the building and provides photos of its groundbreaking and construction.

    Since its first organizational meeting in the basement of St. Mary’s Church, the organization has called New Haven home. During the past 138 years, the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council has maintained its headquarters in seven different locations within a radius of less than a mile.

    The current headquarters, with its modernist-style architecture, is two blocks from the Blessed Michael McGivney Pilgrimage Center and has dominated the Elm City skyline for 50 years. Kevin Roche’s design for the building was based on a simple structural system with a mixture of steel and concrete building materials. The four cylindrical corner towers support the building’s structure, while exposed steel girders span between the towers to support the floors. The award-winning architect died March 1, 2019, but his timeless design stands in homage to his six-decade-long career.